• Brett Gordon

Clemente’s Trolley Pizzaria

In my spare time I look for potential clients by looking at there websites and to look over the photos that showcase there signature dishes. What I found was one of my favorite restaurant, Clementes Trolley Pizzaria. Looking at the photos on the website I notice there were not many. The two that stood out was the Meatball Dish and their pizza oven. I decided to ride my bike down there the next day. Mind you it is only a few blocks from Truman Annex. I wanted to try my new camera on a plate of chicken piccata I took the night before. Satisfied I biked down to Clemente’s. With my back pack snug I proceeded to the bar. I was looking for the owner. I ordered a Sangiovese wine and the meatball. It took a bit of time, but I was preparing my self to speak to the owner. I found a spot in the corner and asked if I could have a seat. He obliged and I sat down. I noticed some photography on the wall and took notes on the exposure and lighting of the pieces. I was on my last few sips and the meatball arrived. I took several photos to adjust the shutter and iso. When I was finished I uploaded it to my phone and proceeded to check them out. I saw the owner and was nervous and fumbling with my words and I presented him with my card. His critique, dueley noted was he wanted a close up of the dish. The card was from my first batch and it had some wrong information but I hoped to hear from him. When I got home I realized that I could use a light box to bring out the texture and zoom in on what was appealing. Here is the photo and by the way the meatball was delizioso.

Clemente’s Meatball


Key Wester Photography 2016-2018